AnQi - Heartfighter

Sport, Movie, Action

„Passion, Love & Philosophy in connection with the Harmony of Elements”

„AnQi” a real „Fighter of the heart – Heartfighter”
in Harmony with her Passion and Heart. Get the experience of the connection of the different Arts, Sport, Dance, Fitness, Martial Art, Philosophy, Art, Acting on Stage, TV or Shows and Events.

Personal e-Service

Elements & Endorphin

„Endorphin the Vitamin D of the Heart, Soul and Good Health”

Discover the new challenges by the Elements like Fun, Games, Motivation, Lifestyle, Communication, Sport, Fitness, Movement of Arts, etc. „Learn about your physical und spiritual power limit to see, to live & make aware your environment and your body on a better way and sense it with a new feeling.”

MOVE 4 kid´zZ & Elements

Motivate, Move & Effect

„Back to the ROOTS – Carry the Childhood in your heart & care for the Roots of the Nature”

Our Children and Nature are the most valuable things what we have and for that we should be thankful and respectful. That is the reason why we should learn to see the „World of the KidzZ” and „the Beauty of the Natures” again with different eyes, to appreciate it, to respect it, to care about the „Roots” and to motivate, to move and to effect it in a positive way to care for them.

Martial Arts Expert
Kick- & Thaiboxing, MMA, Chinese WuShu, Selfdevence etc.

Her „Fighter Heart” gave her not only the power to learn & teach about a lot of different Fighting Styles & Arts. She also lived a log time in China to rise to a challenge and feel & live the extremes.

Action Performer & Stuntwoman
Extreme Sport, Action & Adventure

„As Action Performer and Stuntwoman she is often faced with extremes and borders.” So she is also always trying to find out for herself what she can do & and  how to work on herself to get over this borders and fears. To use it then for example on TV & Movies to show like it would be real but without any risks.

Personal eService Coach
Sport, Fitness, Health, Lifestyle

To get through a extreme Way of life, she not only needs to „keep cool” – but she also must pay attention to her health, that „Body & Mind are in harmony” to see and feel the Environment & Body in a better and more sensitive way.

Actress & Model
Art, Culture, Sport, Passion

Her Passion is to connect her elements: Sport, Art, Nature and to show it in different Arts & bring it to life.
It doesn’t matter whether on Stage, in Shows, Events, TV as Actress, Artist, Performer or Model.

Ambassadress: For KidzZ, Youth,
Women & Nature, Culture Projects
In Harmony with the Elements

However especially children, animals and nature are very important for her and they belong deep to her heart.
Therefore, she supports and enjoys projects that promote these elements for a better future.

Choreographer, Show & Event Manager
Art, Culture, Movie, TV & Live Shows

At the same way she loves to stay in front of the Camera she also loves to create her Passion, Dreams, Visions, Thoughts, Ideas in a way of Art through the camera and to bring it on the screen & stage. To show „the wonderful moments – of life from a different angle”, to catch the audience with pictures, to inspire with stories and get them in the ban of fascination.

Media & Downloads
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About AnQi
„Passion, Love & Harmony
of Elements“

„AnQi“ she is a real „Fighter from her heart – Heartfighter“

She found her „passion and love in the elements of arts and sports“ she likes drawing, painting, photography, dancing, motorcycling, horseback riding, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial Arts, extreme sports, fitness and much more..

Her „fighterheart“ not only showed her the way to the different styles of Martial Arts it also pushed her to rise always a new challenge and extremes. She lived a long time in China, she loves the „Philosophy & Harmony of Elements“: the Nature, Children, Animals, Sports, Art& Culture and she is a versatile „all-round talent“.

So she also works as an mediadesigner, eventmanager, but also especially as an actress, action performer, stuntwoman, choreographer for movie, tv & shows and as a Personal eService Coach.

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Different Faces
team image
Hair: flat, nature, blond
team image
Hair: curly, nature
team image
Hair: flat, red
team image
Hair: flat, romantic
team image
Hair: curly, fighting stlye
team image
Hair: curly, sportive
Measure & Infos

Size: 172 cm
Confection: 36/38
Chest: 90
Waist: 64
Hips: 90
Shoe: 41/42
Hair: curly, blond
Eye: brown


Actress & Model
Action Performer & Stunt Woman
Mixed Martial Arts Expert
Personal eService Coach
Lifestyle & Fitness
Extrem Sport

Transformation Ability
team image
Style: simple, natural
team image
Style: wild, sexy
team image
Style: street, lifestyle
team image
Style: business, workout
team image
Style: romantic, dreamy
team image
Style: risky, adventurous

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AnQi Nimbach

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